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Dental Crowns

If your tooth is broken, badly decayed, or otherwise in bad shape, you don’t necessarily need an extraction. At Brooklyn Dental Spa, Sofiya Shimonova, AGNP, and Nancy Aft, DDS, offer dental crowns to help preserve damaged or decayed teeth to avoid extraction. At the office in the Greenpoint neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York City, you can get comprehensive general dentistry care, from regular checkups to custom-fitted dental crowns, so call the office or book your appointment using online scheduling.

What are dental crowns?

Dental crowns are tooth restorations that sit atop your natural tooth. A dental crown conceals your entire tooth down to the gums, providing excellent protection for teeth that need it. 

Dental crowns are just as strong (or even stronger) than your natural teeth because of their material: porcelain, metal, or a porcelain-fused-to-metal hybrid. 

The primary purpose of crowns is to improve your function and maintain good oral health. With a dental crown, you can chew, brush, and floss normally. But, dental crowns also improve tooth appearance dramatically. 

If you have major tooth damage that’s not treatable with a filling but doesn’t involve your whole tooth, inlays or onlays can be a good alternative to crowns. An inlay covers the middle part of a tooth but not the cusps. An onlay covers the middle of the tooth and at least one of the crowns.

When might I need dental crowns?

You might need a dental crown if you have a tooth with healthy roots but is weak above the gums. Some common examples include:

  • Protecting a weak tooth post-root canal
  • Treating severe tooth decay that's too extensive for a dental filling
  • Binding a badly cracked tooth together  
  • Covering an extremely malformed tooth
  • Anchoring a dental bridge

You may also need a dental crown if you have a dental implant. In that case, the crown screws directly onto the dental implant post inside your jawbone.

In some cases, dental crowns might be one aspect of a full mouth reconstruction or smile makeover.

What can I expect during the dental crown process?

The dental crown process generally takes two visits to Brooklyn Dental Spa. The first step is tooth preparation, which involves removing any decayed areas along with the outermost tooth enamel. 

Then, you need tooth impressions, which create a blueprint for the laboratory to use as they fabricate your custom crown. You wear a temporary crown home. This temporary crown attaches to your teeth with dental cement, but it's not nearly as strong as the cement used with permanent crowns. 

Because the cement's weaker on a temporary crown, you need to take extra precautions over the next few weeks while waiting for your permanent crown. Just avoid very hard foods, and be extra gentle when brushing and flossing around your temporary crown.

Your second appointment involves removing the temporary crown, checking the fit of your new crown, and then fixing the permanent crown over your tooth. 

With your new crown firmly attached, you have full tooth function again. Crowns can last for decades with proper care.  

To find out how dental crowns can help you save your smile, reach out to Brooklyn Dental Spa by phone or through the online appointment maker. 

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